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Transportcore is an aesthetic that focuses on mass transit (trains, planes, trams, etc...) and private transportation (cars), as well as infrastructure supporting this kind of transit such as highways, railways, and airports. In general, this aesthetic focuses on the mass movement of people from one place to another via methods invented post-industrial revolution.


This aesthetic originated after the second industrial revolution due to the mass availability of trains and trams to carry thousands of blue-collar workers, children, and white-collar workers throughout cities and to other cities, as well as goods such as grain, wood, steel, etc... Which made goods cheaper and enabled people to move away from the center of cities and live instead in suburbs, while being transported to and working in massive cities.


Transportcore in general is a very utalitarian kind of aesthetic - considering that a lot of infrastructure and transport are built quickly and cheaply in order to satisfy a quickly growing population of consumers and workers in any particular metropolitan area. Yet oftentimes small colors and shapes are added to indicate a certain model or certain specifications used by a particular model and to also show to which company and/or city it belongs to, and to make the transport less bland. However, when it comes to private transport, not public transport, such as cars, those are more orientated for specific customers that have more specific needs and desires, such as SUVs, Station wagons, Sedans, Minivans, etc...


Transportcore music is based around lyrics and/or themes of transport.