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Traincore is an aesthetic that revolves around trains, trams, metros and places such as railways, trainstations and the interior. It’s a sub genre of Transportcore.


The public transportation and availability that industrialization provided.


Dark traincore

If it´s more on the dark side, the visuals are at night or while it rains/cloudy weather. It can be while travelling but also standing at trainstations or the platform. Pretty much everything as long as it involves train motives with a dark twist or colour palette.

Light Traincore

In contrary to Dark Traincore this aesthetic makes use of bright and vibrant colour palettes. Watching sunsets while waiting for a train or riding one is a common and reoccurring theme.



This includes; trainspotting, travelling, being around trains e.g. trainstations or just enjoying the busy people using public transportation while you listen to music/ the sounds of the passing trains, maybe rain, the people and your surroundings. Reading a good book or sleeping while travelling can also fit very well in this aesthetic. You just should enjoy your time being there. Researching and learning about trains, different metro lines in the areas near you is an activity aswell. As long as you like it and have an interest in it, it can count as an activity.

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