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Mature Content and Trigger Warning: The article mentions sexual motifs and gun violence.

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Trailer Park Princess combines elements of Americana, eroticism, poverty, horror, and femininity to create a feeling of nostalgia, unease, and deviancy. It incorporates many elements of Camp and Kitsch; it is a total subversion of what is deemed to be good taste in contemporary American society, as it openly celebrates identities that are shamed in American society: the poor, drag queens, sex workers and the kink scene, and rural "uncultured" communities. The users who post this content tend to come from an upbringing[1] that is of this "aesthetic," and the elements are personal and looked upon with fondness, rather than as a means of shock value and antagonization.

Additionally, the community contains many Nymphets and has strong overlap with the Morute community. Like many other pre-suffix aesthetics, the aesthetic is highly individualized and bloggers would typically combine or emphasize more on different aesthetics.


John Waters (Divine)

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Horror Movies from the 1980s

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Nicole Dollanganger


Nicole Dollanganger

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Lana Del Rey

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Alpojones is a tumblr user who started posting content related to mannequins, dolls, and vintage imagery. They would often photograph images of their own mannequin



  • BDSM elements such as latex, sissification, handcuffs, and ball gags
  • Beauty Pageants
  • Cigarettes and other drugs
  • Cluttered kitschy materials such as knick-knacks, crucifixes, and plates
  • Diner sodas, sundaes and milkshakes
  • Dolls of different varieties, such as Barbies and bisque dolls
  • Elements of true crime, such as newspapers and milk cartons
  • Guns
  • Home videos and photographs from the 1950s-1980s
  • Las Vegas wedding chapels
  • Lingerie from the 1950s-1980s
  • Mannequins
  • Plastic pink flamingos
  • Run-down motels
  • Trailer parks
  • "Trashy" tattoos
  • Unglamorous sexual paraphernalia such as sex dolls and toys
  • Vintage Playboy magazines



  • Lolita (1997)
  • Pink Flamingos (1972)
  • Trash Humpers (2009)
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)


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