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ToonKid (also known as ToonBB) is an aesthetic that was commonly seen on the Brazilian web during the mid-to-late 2000s, characterized by images with pastel colors, children's photography, characters from TV shows (primarily cartoons and including video-game characters) and party thematics. During the 2000s, the aesthetic was frequently found in party souvenirs and party invite cards, along with additional elements, such of stars and flowers (as well as taking influences from Frutiger Metro).


The exact creators behind the aesthetic are unknown, but the oldest known example of the aesthetic is from May 2006, an image posted on Flickr by roselecriacoes about a 2nd birthday souvenir with a Toy Story 2 theme. And so, the aesthetic evolved as well as the "structure" of image editing.

B 2007, the aesthetic was popularized in Brazilian websites, such as Web Com Arte – a digital scrapbooking website – and Brindes E Lembranças. However, as time went on, the aesthetic became influenced by Flat Design and widened to include comic book characters.


  • Children's photography
  • Cartoon/comic/video game characters
  • Party and souvenir imagery