Thriftcore is a aesthetic with the theme revolving around clothing, toys, furniture, and more of the like in thrift shops. People who are involved in this aesthetic have “Thrift Hauls”, where they purchase goods from thrift stores.


Thriftcore visuals put a strong emphasis on vintage and retro goods that are bought at thrift stores. While the most popular items bought at thrift stores are clothing, some people will buy retro toys, furniture, old electronics, and things that are sold in major retail locations. The only downside to this is you are at the mercy of whatever the thrift store has in stock, and that can change from day to day.


Thriftcore fashion, (also known as Thrift Store Chic) is a style of dressing where clothes are cheap and/or used. Clothes are often bought from thrift stores such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Value Village.


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