The theatre kid aesthetic focuses on acting and stage productions, most notably those that take place in a high school setting. Contrary to popular belief, the classification of "theatre kid" is not just limited to actors. People that are included in the theatre kid aesthetic include:

  • Stage crew

  • Costumes
  • Techie
  • Orchestra or band members
  • Actors
  • Directors and screenwriters

A stereotypical theatre kid is outgoing, eclectic and conservative when it comes to their sexuality. Of course, many theatre kids deviate from the expected personality, and are equally valid in their craft nonetheless.


Aside from the obvious interest in theatre and Broadway productions, theatre kids tend to have artistic or somewhat childlike hobbies such as:

  • Disney movies (particularly those featuring classic Disney princesses)
  • drawing, painting, sculpture making, or any form of creative expression
  • writing poetry
  • singing in a chorus or a choir
  • dancing
  • history or foreign politics (as many musicals focus on such issues)
  • social justice, politics and LGBT+ rights
  • emo/alternative clothing and make-up


  • Sorry, I have rehearsal.
  • Chookas!
  • Come see our show~!
  • LINE!
  • I swear I'm off-book.
  • Don't touch the prop table!
  • Who touched the prop table?!
  • I miss the cast so much...
  • "GASP"
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