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The Box 96 is a music video aesthetic that predates the teen pop Cheiron Crush aesthetic and is, in many respects, the inspiration behind it. This aesthetic was popular from 1995 to 1997, overlapping with the VH1 Sepia Sky aesthetic. It is named after the music video channel The Box. During this time, R&B videography began to include richer palettes and a more vivid style. This aesthetic was succeeded by Cheiron Crush, MTV Green Sky, and Shiny Suit 97.

Artists with burgundy coats, black leather jackets, and lime green outfits were regularly seen in videos at the time. The production of the music had a stronger pop mood than R&B releases at the beginning of the decade. Its expansive arrangements, intricate bridges, and intense vocal delivery are what really set its songs apart. The term was coined by designer Steves Peeps in 2023.


  • Choreographed backup dancers
  • Black and burgundy leather
  • Lime green
  • Metallic clothing
  • Dancing
  • Block parties
  • Silk clothing
  • Oversaturation
  • Wet streets


  • Brandy
  • Deborah Cox
  • Monica
  • Tony! Toni! Toné!
  • Usher
  • Terri