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The following article contains and discusses content that may be distressing to some readers.
Reason for Warning: This page contains the topic of terrorism and war. Reader discretion is advised.

Terrorwave, is the aesthetic based on terrorist fashion and Western terrorism. Its popular among right-wing communities and military aesthetic channels on YouTube, although this aesthetic can be practiced by people of any political ideology. It takes most of its inspiration from groups such as the IRA, FLNC, PKK, and so forth. It also takes inspiration from mercenary groups like Executive Outcomes, The White Legion, 4 Commando, 5 Commando, etc.

The visuals of Terrorwave are usually dark or gray and have a vintage look to them, often looking like they were taken on a Polaroid camera. A VHS edit and/or censored faces with text are fairly common.


The fashion of Terrorwave is based on a simplistic yet tactical style of clothing. It includes:

  • Adidas
  • Track clothes (mainly Adidas)
  • Jeans
  • Military camo jacket
  • Beret
  • Balaclava
  • Sneakers/Military boots
  • Watch

Motifs included in this aesthetic.[]

  • The woods
  • A war-torn city
  • Fields, mainly grassy fields
  • A dark alley way
  • Rain
  • The fog
  • Brick houses
  • Abandoned streets
  • Camps
  • Concrete bunkers


The music to Terrorwave is usually songs made by paramilitaries or are songs that usually have a anti-war message. Songs/bands include:

  • The Black and Tans by The Irish Descendants;
  • Donbass by Dakh Daughters;
  • Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner by Warren Zevon;
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money by Warren Zevon;
  • Jungle Work by Warren Zevon;
  • Sarajevo by Kultur Shock;
  • Don't Tell Mom I'm In Chechnya;
  • My city, you are on fire! by Timur Mutsurayev;
  • Reach Out (I'll Be There) by Four Tops;
  • Wonderful Life by Black;
  • Kinky Boots;
  • By God We'll Have Our Home Again;
  • One Fire by Rome;
  • 17 by Home;
  • Courage leads to heaven by M8L8TH.