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Tenwave, also known as Nostalfagwave is an aesthetic and artistic movement derived from Vaporwave and influenced by Milleniwave and Acidwave.

Its main concept is inspired by the ironic and critical part of Vaporwave. And it consists of a critique / parody / satire of all the cultural products of the 2010s. Seeing them as decadent and trashy, remembering with nostalgia and better eyes those of previous eras with the exception of a few.


On a visual level, it combines some elements of Vaporwave, such as the use of glitch effects for example, with the surrealistic aspect of the Acidwave and the colors of the Milleniwave.


Tenwave music takes inspiration from genres such as Vaporwave, Trillwave, Vapor - Trap and Chopped and Screwed

From Vaporwave, Tenwave would take the use of samples (although in this genre they would be samples of the music of the decade of the 2010s, specially Pop music) and its effects such as slowed + reverb. From Trillwave it would take that imperfect touch that it has. In the case of samples that lack drums, the rhythms of Trap from the Vapor - Trap would be incorporated ( Adding to these, Vaporwave effects ) From the Chopped and Screwed, it would take all the elements it has, with the exception of reducing the tempo to 60 - 70 bpm. Since its rhythms would be between 80 and 90 bpm.

Other influences will be slowed + bass edits, psychedelic music and Shoegaze.






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