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Trigger warning: This article contains possibly disturbing images of teeth. If you do not like this kind of subject, please consider reading a different page. Thank you.

Teethcore is an aesthetic centered around teeth, mainly the collection or loss of them. This aesthetic also includes the thought of being scared of the dentist.

One of the common parts of teethcore is the fantasy figure known as the Tooth Fairy. It is believed if one places their baby teeth under a pillow, the Tooth Fairy will take it, and leave money in place of the tooth. Because of the creature's 'suspicious activity', it has lead to strange theories. But, because many believe the creature is not real, these theories can not be proven true or false.


  • Pinks, whites, off white, gold
  • Pouches of teeth
  • Small cases with teeth inside
  • Blood
  • Braces


Hyperdontia - by Creep-p & GHOST

Novocaine - by Creep-p & GHOST

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