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Techwear is a fashion style that combines functionality with style and the appropriate aesthetics. Pockets, lockers, clasps and straps, as well as other useful accessories are featured in this style of clothing which uses special materials, appropriate design and properties that ensure breathability, freedom of movement, water resistance and comfort.


People who wear techwear generally like the functional design, and streetwear-like qualities of the style. They're often fairly active people, or like carrying lots of stuff, by using the pockets in techwear clothing. Since it's also a comfortable, the people who wear this style usually also value comfort.


Techwear is generally based on a dark colour pallette, focusing on black, graphite and navy colours. Techwear outfits often follow a monochomatic theme. The clothes in this style are often baggy, and have features such as straps and multiple large pockets. They are usually waterproofed and look to serve a weather-ready purpose with their styled functionality. The style generally involved features such as clasps, locks and straps, which all contribute to the functional purpose of the style whilst adding the "style" part of the design.



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