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Techwear is a fashion style that combines functionality with style and the appropriate aesthetics. Pockets, lockers, clasps and straps, as well as other useful accessories are featured in this style of clothing which uses special materials, appropriate design and properties that ensure breathability, freedom of movement, water resistance and comfort.


Techwear mostly grew out of a shared obsession with the craft and innovation of functional, durable, all-weather clothing. Arguably started by Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher, the founders of Munich-based label Acronym, techwear became more popular after Hugh teamed up with Nike to relaunch their dormant outerwear sub-brand ACG. Techwear is inspired by the Karasu Zoku subculture and the Japanese Mode movement that followed it. Much of the color palette is black like the former (though other dark colors aren't uncommon), but the forms and patterns of techwear more closely resemble those of the latter. Additionally, techwear draws heavily from the fabrics and innovations of industrial, scientific, paramilitary and ninja apparel. Techwear pieces are often baggy, and have features such as straps, clasps, locks, and multiple large pockets. They are also usually waterproofed and look to serve a weather-ready purpose with their styled functionality. As such, Gore-Tex is a common inclusion.


Techwear doesn't have a well-defined philosophy. However, many enthusiasts do have interest in topics such as cyberpunk media, futurism, climate change and resilience, ecology, A.I, transhumanism, and the surveillance state. If there's any social/political/economic goal shared by all techwear enthusiasts and designers, it's to stimulate a shift from a culture that values trends and consumption to one that values durability, reuse, and repair. The monochromatic palette, the attention paid to high quality materials and craftsmanship, the high cost commensurate with well-paid labor, they all are meant to pursue this cultural shift.

Visuals and motifs[]

  • Baggy flexible clothing with cargo pockets, straps etc (Trousers usually have baggy upper leg area/knees with near skin tight/strapped up lower legs/ankles for swift movement similar to Shaolin leg wraps)
  • Bomber jackets, hoodies, shawl jackets, shoulder shrugs
  • Belt kit, Chest rigs, Tactical vests for stowage of Iphones etc
  • Cloaks, Japanese umbrellas
  • Carbon fibre knuckle gloves
  • Ninja-esque/Japanese clothing (IE:Kimonos/Samurai trousers)
  • Samurai/Ninja hats (IE:Jingasas)
  • Face masks/Balaclavas etc


Popular genres are IDM, ambient, and light techno.

Artists: Alan Walker


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