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Technical Scene is usually classified by a mix between usual dark goth and emo culture, and modern or past technology and machinery, such as motherboards or typewriters.

It often showcases a colorful style, and it is often used in abstract or bizarre memes that do not always rely on humor, similar to Scene.

The origins of the aesthetic are currently unknown, as is the time of origin. It can be assumed to be the 2000s or the 2010s.


Technical Scene is characterized by its mix of dark and depressing themes and machinery. The images almost always contain dark colours such as black or gray, and some form of something computer related, such as an error screen or just a random computer part.


It can be assumed that, just as the images combine the cultures of goth and emo with more technology based themes, that the fashion would also. Examples may be:

  • Dark tattoos of computer parts


Technical Scene music is defined by the usual punk and emo style with some chiptune and other computer sounding topics or sounds thrown in. An example is Algorhythm by Childish Gambino, a mix of computer sounds and topics with a normal punk-like theme.

Songs & Artists[]

Hatsune Miku and most VOCALOIDs have a Tech Goth theme in most popular songs created by their producers. The biggest example of this is Hatsune Miku and the song The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, composed by cosMo. Throughout the song and music video, you can see computer related stuff, as Hatsune herself is often characterized as a cyborg, especially in this song. The song has an emo theme, of Hatsune Miku disappearing (evident in the title).