Swordpunk combines medieval aesthetics (ones generally found in fantasy and such) along with the weapons of the time with highly advanced futuristic technology such as mechs, holograms, gene recombination and AI. Swordpunk is also commonly combined with fantasy and sci-fi, incorporating alien/fantasy races to the mix.

Although, while an aesthetic like steampunk has technology intermingled with the surrounding aesthetics, sword punk is a much more of a combination. Technology we don’t even have in modern day spliced with the hand made and tailored aesthetically pleasing clothes, architecture and weapons of yesteryear.

Swordpunk could alternatively be where society is pushed backwards while technology rapidly advances, leaving societal issues stagnant while major space travel is in progress

Treasure Planet, a 2002 animated Disney movie, is good example of this. From first appearance it looks to be firmly planted in the traditional fantasy-middle ages scene, but it expands with futuristic technology hidden within formerly mentioned aesthetics.

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