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Swenkas are working-class Zulu men in South Africa, who participate in amateur competitions that are part fashion show and part choreography, the purpose of which is to display one's style and sense of attitude. The practice, called "swenking", ultimately derives from the English word "swank"


Swenka fashion is dapper-looking, with business suits and fedoras being the main staples of Swenka. The business suits vary from color, from browns, red, to blacks and whites, and even colors such as pink and blue. Despite this, a lot of the people who participate in Swenka are not actually rich business men, but rather working-class citizens making ends meet. As a result, a lot of the suits seen are not too expensive, which are usually around the $100-$200 range. Swenkas also participate in fashion shows, where contestants can win a small prize of money.

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