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Surreal Memers are people who post or consume a subgenre of ironic memes called surreal memes. These memes are usually bizarre or absurd, with the punchline frequently being the obvious lack thereof. The humor displayed in a Surreal meme is often intentionally meaningless and self-aware, reflecting the style of humor Gen Z is commonly known for.


Surreal Memes have a generally surreal sense of humor and are a strong source of anti-humor and contain themes of irony and fatalism. Some have joked that the Christian cartoon show Veggietales predicted the rise of the Surreal Meme many years ago, stating that the future of humor was just random nonsense being smashed together to humorous effect. General themes of Surreal Memes include:

  • Meme Man
  • Orang
  • Vegetal
  • Stonks
  • Strange versions and references to common objects in our reality
  • Surreal Imagery (hence the name)


    Ahh yes, Stonks; the easiest way to acquire currency to gain the ability to purchase Corn Cubes. This is cool and good.

Many could make the argument that Surreal Memes carry on the proud tradition of Dadaism in terms of the humor of Surreal Memes coming from the absolutely nonsense and general rejection of conventional art tropes as a proverbial "fuck you" to a society that is seemingly falling apart all around them and telling them they don't deserve beautiful works of art like past generations (which has led to a lot of people in the Vaporwave community having a particular love for Surreal Memes).



  • Graphic shirts with surreal memes on them
  • Meme Man/Stonks cosplay
  • Shirts with surreal meme-like punch lines
  • Surreal puns printed on clothing
  • Nonsensical pictures on clothing
  • Surreal-looking patterns, such as the hypnotizing swirl