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Surfers are a subculture that partake in riding waves as a sport, the surfer subculture has been a large influence on music, fashion and art.


Surfing itself began in Hawaii, going as far back as the 1700s, but began to die down and gain a negative reputation among American missionaries who disapproved of its associations with gambling and sexuality.

The worldwide interest in surfing began when Freeth and Kahanamoku gave demonstrations on surfing in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

Gaining popularity in the 1960s and spreading as its own subculture in California, it gained traction through media that romanticized the aesthetic, such as the music of the Beach Boys, and the movies of Elvis Presley, they also became associated with the Hippie movement, as they were stereotyped as being lazy and drug addicted.





Tourist shops

Tropical visuals, such as Hawaiian shirts and Tiki imagery


Surfer fashion utilizes a carefree feeling along with the need for clothing that is fit for being active, due to the nature of the lifestyle

Board shirts


Graphic tees

Flip flops



The surfer subculture has developed its own dialect in the places where it is most popular(such as California and New Zealand) Due to being synonymous with California , it may cross over with some other slang from the state.

Dude - Friend of surfer

YEW - Indication of a large wave being spotted/used when a surfer is finished riding a wave

Far out - Used to describe a good wave ride experience

Grommet - Young surfer, also used as a way to refer to young children

Hang ten - A trick in which one’s toes are curled around the nose of the surfboard

Kook - Beginner surfer or anyone who unconsciously causes trouble for the gang of surfers


The Beach Boys

Dazey and the Scouts

Dick Dale

Eddy and the Showmen

The Sandals

Al Casey