Surf Crush aesthetic, also known in some circles as Surf aesthetic, is an aesthetic that was prevalent from roughly 2003 to 2008. The term was coined by designer and celebutante Steves Peeps in 2018. It is named after the mid 2000s fashion craze inspired by tv shows such as The OC and Laguna Beach. This fashion aesthetic was prevalent in award shows as well as graphic design. This era co existed with the Mcbling era. It's roots can be traced to Blue Crush the movie.


Popular visual cues of the era include:

  • Surf boards
  • MTV stars such as Lauren Conrad wearing it
  • aquatic motifs
  • Puka shells
  • Hawaiian shorts
  • excess of Billabong & Quiksilver
  • Surf fonts
  • Websites like Myspace
  • beachy hair
  • sea shells


Mid 2000s until the great recession of the 2000s


Designer Steves Peeps plans to resurrect the look for a runway show.

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