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Styla is a subculture based out of Western Europe with many of its adherents being of Turkish origin. They are often seen as the Western European answer to the Guido subculture in the Northeastern United States (specifically around the New York City/New Jersey area).

Styla Fashion

Some of the fashion elements in Styla fashion include:

  • Dark or mirrored aviator sunglasses
  • Baby-pink shirts or sweaters
  • Huge earrings of diamonds or other gems
  • Shirts or sweaters with strass applications and/or counterfeit designer label prints
  • White shoes out of patent leather
  • Heavily bleached jeans or white pants
  • bandannas, worn cowboy style
  • Trucker caps resting gently on their heads
  • Overly gelled hair, often with a bleached Mohawk (which has drawn some comparisons to Scene Kids)
  • Shaved back head with tribal patterns
  • Fake tan (if not of Turkish descent themselves)
  • Pants tucked into white socks while wearing Nike AirMax or Lacoste shoes
  • Asian letter tattoos

Styla Behavior

Much like the Guidos, Stylas subscribe to the same "fake it til you make it" philosophy that they subscribe to. Unlike the Guidos, however, Stylas tend to favor gangsta rap and R&B as opposed to House music.