Studyblr is a subculture on devoted to studying and taking notes in a very organized and aesthetically pleasing manner. For anybody affiliated with any of the Academia aesthetics, the Studyblr aesthetic is a must-need to be able to successfully incorporate the aesthetic into your being.


A blog dedicated to studyblr is usually full of different images of stylized day planners, studying tips, notes, and school supplies. Many could actually make the argument that the Studyblr aesthetic is a stepping stone into getting into some of the Academia aesthetics.

While at first glance of the name, Studyblr doesn't exactly give off the same vibes as any of the Academia aesthetics, Studyblr could be considered an important part (at the very least, the foundation) of any good Academia aesthetique because how can you call yourself aesthetic if you don't even study in an aesthetically pleasing manner?

On the other side, however, there are a lot of Karens who will co-opt this aesthetic if they happen to be running a pyramid scheme they call "a business", they may utilize the Studyblr aesthetic to make themselves appear to be more sophisticated and successful than they really are. A lot of Corporate aesthetics may also utilize the Studyblr aesthetic in an attempt to motivate their workers to work as hard as they possibly can before.


Studyblr note taking usually uses stylistic writing, cursive, and calligraphy for aesthetically pleasing notes. Headings and subheadings are bolder and more stylized, while the rest is more casual, but not sloppy or messy. Bullet points, numbering, highlighting, boxing, indenting, color coding and other methods may be used to organize notes. Doodles, arrows, banners and other manners of stylization are usually used as well. Notes are always put in good layouts, like going straight down the page, or blocking out the notes, not to mention many other layouts that may be used. Sticky notes are also used for any extra information and/or pointing things out.


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