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Studyblr is a subculture on Tumblr that is devoted to studying and taking notes in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner. It has influenced the creation of other combinations of social media and studying, including Studygram (studying + Instagram), Studytube (studying + YouTube) and Studytok (studying + TikTok).

While being a major source of motivation for high school or college students, this study aesthetic offers a wide range of blogs, printables, music playlists and many other types of digital contents in order to romanticize studying.


A blog dedicated to Studyblr is usually full of different images of stylized day planners, studying tips, notes, and school supplies.

A lot of Corporate aesthetics may also utilize the Studyblr aesthetic in an attempt to be relatable and modern to please workers and consumers. The visual appeal applies to small business owners as well but may be out of personal preference rather than for profit, however, this aesthetic can be taken advantage of for monetary purposes by anyone.


Studyblr users usually use stylistic writing, cursive, and calligraphy for aesthetically pleasing notes. Headings and subheadings are bolder and more stylized, while the rest is more casual, but not sloppy or messy. Bullet points, numbering, highlighting, boxing, indenting, color coding and other methods are used to organize notes. Doodles, arrows, banners and other manners of stylization are usually used as well. Notes are always put in visually appealing layouts, such as going straight down the page or blocking out the notes. Sticky notes are also used for any extra information and/or pointing things out.

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