Stickercore is an aesthetic that focuses mainly on childish stickers. Some of the most common typesare My Little Pony, CareBears, Sanrio, Sandylion and Lisa Frank artwork. Anime girls are also seen, but uncommon. The stickers are mostly placed on ones face, but can also go on other parts of the body and on objects such as:

  • Notebooks (very common)
  • Shoes (very common, highly recommended)
  • Band-Aids
  • PVC/ jelly backpacks
  • Computers
  • Purses
  • Drawers
  • Faces
  • Bedroom Doors
  • Walls
  • Flip Phones
  • Radios

and so on.


Common activities that can be done to achieve this aesthetic are:

  • Spending lots of time decorating objects with stickers
  • Collecting/ Buying stickers
  • Creating childlike art
  • Spending time at the park
  • Keeping a sticker book/journal
  • Beadwork (usually kiddie-type bracelets such as pony bead ones)
  • Rainbow Loom
  • Taking photos and decorating them with stickers (either digitally or irl)

Having fun in areas such as parks, swimming pools, the mall and skateparks are also fine! Any


Stickercore fashion has an extremely wide spectrum as in clothing, but key colors remain the same. A typical outfit would be any sort of top or bottom that looks childlike (bonus if it has strange patters or made of a textured material), a t-shirt or loose sweatshirt preferably with a 90s' or '00s cartoon on it and any childish looking sneakers (these can be chunky or just normal sneaker) and some stickers on any part of the body that's exposed, preferably your face or knees. Long socks rolled down or kept up is great too, and thick sunglasses are excellent.

** Side note: Crop tops and shorts are also fine. Not all outfits have to be adrogynous.


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