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Starrflesh, also known as Starflesh, is a surrealist/horror aesthetic that revolves around characteristics such as teeth, stars, animals, water, glass, and a feeling of emptiness, uncanny, or even rage. The aesthetic began gaining traction on Tumblr (tag) in the early/mid 2010s, and was revived by @starrflesh. The aesthetic did not really have a name on Tumblr, perhaps going by ‘icecore’ or ‘coldcore’[1].

The aesthetic is mainly posted as eerie and mysterious photos of animals, strange locations including water, objects, and more. Most of the photos are edited, often with overlays that appear in an icy blue color or effects that add to the surrealness and horror of the image. Many of the pictures are extremely disturbing, featuring deformed animals, deformed or strange eyes, teeth, blood, and animals growling or attacking each other.

The “creator” of Starflesh goes by the username Starrflesh on TikTok. When the aesthetic began to gain traction, it was mistakenly named after their username.


This aesthetic is visually calming, cold, and eerie. Some commonly used characteristics are aggressive animals, teeth, claws, wings, mirrors, ice, snow, eyes, deformities, corpses, flesh, skin, veins, blood, horror, water, pools, scales, mermaids/sirens, fins, fish, glass, and iridescence.

The most frequently used animals are, cats, dogs, deer, sheep, fish, and various reptiles. Most if not all of them are colored white.


External links to further explore this aesthetic. Keep in mind the disturbing and potentially triggering content, proceed with caution.

Original Creator[]

Starrflesh, the creator of the aesthetic. (TikTok) Note that this creator distanced themselves from their old videos depicting this aesthetic and does not want to be an authority in this aesthetic.

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  1. Icepunk (that is similar in themes of colors, transparency, coldness, silence...)