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Soviet Bloc School refers to the style used in building elementary and high schools in the former Soviet bloc in Central and Eastern Europe. Main features of this style are half painted walls, uniform clocks, metal and wood chairs and canteen glasses made in the Soviet Union.



Walls in these schools have their lower half painted a different colour than the top half and ceiling. The bottom part might be sometimes layered in wood.


Hallway painted in this style.


Hallway with wooded bottom half.


Typical chairs used in these schools are made of steel and wood. They are usually painted red, green, orange or yellow.


A yellow chair.

Canteen Glasses[]

Glasses used in these schools are still mostly from the 1980s and have the stamps "MADE IN USSR" at the bottom.


A glass with a stamp reading "MADE IN USSR"


Originally, these buildings were gray on the outside, but when renovated are often given bright colours. Its architecture is characteristic by the use of blocky features. Sometimes, older buildings were used as school and thus they don't feature this uniform outside look, but were only renovated on the inside.


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