Solarpunk is a genre of speculative fiction that is also its own distinguished aesthetic, focusing mainly on renewable energy, living in harmony with nature, and the better future envisioned through both. Solarpunk also emphasizes handcrafted wares (as opposed to mass-produced products) and community. The 'punk' in Solarpunk comes from the genre's anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist nature, as well as its strong focus on community and prefigurative politics, which separates it from aesthetics like Cyberprep.

Books and Movies

While Solarpunk is a relatively new genre, there are stories that take place in a solarpunk world or at the very least have solarpunk elements.

Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation

This anthology of short stories, contributed by seven authors and editors, was published in Brazil in 2006.


The first three images in this gallery are illustrations by Luc Scuiten, a Belgian architect whose art very much embodies the aesthetics of Solarpunk. Others are more general Solarpunk aesthetic samples.

Real-World Examples

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