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Soft Macabre is an aesthetic that evokes both creepiness and softness at the same time. Unlike something like Macaute, Soft Macabre is purely black and white, and is usually more about photography than it is art. Soft Macabre is grungy in its visuals, with grains and other messy filters being a key part of the Soft Macabre aesthetic.


Soft Macabre photos have creepiness with soft vibes co-existing. Images are given a black and white filter, and then a grainy filter over it. The point of Soft Macabre is to evoke the feelings of sadness and loneliness in what may just be normal or even happy images.


Soft Macabre borrows from dark alternative fashion, such as emo or goth, and adds "softer" or "cuter" arrangements. Soft Macabre may also influenced by grunge fashion. It may be similar to aesthetics such as pastel goth or soft grunge.