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Soft Indie is an aesthetic that falls under the umbrella of Indie, incorporating various elements of the original aesthetic, however with more muted and, soft, colors.


Visuals are often soft and evoke feelings of warmth, such as a field of sunflowers backed by a setting sun. Flowers are a large part of the visuals of this aesthetic. Typically when this aesthetic is used in pictures a warm filter is used, such as dramatic warm or vivid warm. A lot of warm and/or muted colors are used as well, like lemon yellow and light pink.


Typical soft indie clothing consists of but is not limited to:

  • Cropped sweaters
  • Warmly Colored Converse sneakers
  • Pastel-colored crop tops
  • Flannels
  • Cuffed jeans
  • Sundresses
  • Round sunglasses


Various soft indie musicians include but aren't limited to:

  • Clairo
  • Cavetown
  • girl in red
  • Jack Stauber
  • The Walters
  • frad
  • Addison Grace



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