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Snackwave is an aesthetic popular in 2014 revolving around positivity with unhealthy food to counteract the "healthy food" associated with Millennial diets.


This aesthetic was coined by Millennial women on Tumblr before getting mainstream popularity with artists popular at the time such as Katy Perry. It was a way to fight against toxic diet culture despite the women portraying it to be skinny “conventionally” attractive women.

It’s also inspired by the "cool girl" trope prevalent in media at the time, which consisted on eating junk food a lot whilst somehow not gaining weight and looking hot while doing it.


  • Images of snack food
  • GIFS/memes about snacking (or including snack food)
  • Food themed merchandise


The fashion seems to be a mix of DIY culture, maximalism, and trends popular at the time.

  • T-shirts with images of food on them
  • Food themed dresses
  • Fast food themed outfits
  • Pizza prints