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Warning: The article mentions sexual themes and content. If you are not comfortable with this kind of thing, please consider reading a different article. Thank you.

Slutcore is an aesthetic that combines the vibrant colours and independent femininity of Bubblegum Bitch with explicit and unabashed sexuality, oftentimes in a promiscuous manner. This aesthetic can also be considered a casual variation of bimbo, which is also listed. Slutcore does not aim to shame women or their sexual expression but aims to celebrate it. The terms slut, whore, and bimbo are all reclaimed under this aesthetic by all the brave, strong, and intelligent people who take on this aesthetic and will not be used in any degrading manner on this Wiki.

Slutcore is not gender specific but is more popular in women, although modern interpretations allow for non-binary and male participation. Common themes for the sex-positive community include leftist views, sex-work positivity, supporting Black Lives Matter, and advocating for self-love and confidence.


  • Pink
    • Hot pink
  • White
  • Focus on lips/mouth, breasts, or butt
  • Explicit words/lyrics
  • Glitter/shine
  • Hazy atmosphere
  • Early 2000s style editing (sometimes)
  • Plastic surgery (popular with the bimbo community)
  • "Dumbing down" (popular with the bimbo community)


  • Skimpy Clothes
    • Short Skirts
    • Bras/Bralettes
  • Mini dresses
  • Lingerie
  • Bikinis
  • Crop tops
  • Long nails
  • Heels or big boots
  • Chains
  • Sparkly jewelry
  • Heavy makeup


As a musical genre, slutcore is categorized as fast-paced electronic pop music accompanied by sexually explicit lyrics. It is almost always made by female artists, as the aesthetic centers around embracing female sexuality.

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