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Slimepunk is a musical micro-genre that emerged in the early 2010s among Internet communities. It is characterized by an aesthetic dominated by slime related pop culture references, ranging from the Toxic Avenger, slime-time live, mountain-dew, and toxic waste. Similar to Vaporwave and Seapunk, this aesthetic is an integral part of the genre and characterizes the artists who dive into the Slimepunk movement. Slimepunk music often times features heavy & distorted bass-lines and has emerged largely from a post-acid scene. Slime-punk artists tend to have a more aggressive or corrosive ethos in combination with their music. While there is no specific slime-punk sound, the aesthetic is a common unifying factor, and most Slimepunk artists feature heavy sampling within their music.


Slimepunk was popular among teens and tweens of the internet that was very similar to Seapunk, but with more of a focus on slime. Slimepunk is often accompanied by black and other neon colors. Popular elements of Slimepunk include:

  • Radioactive/Biohazard symbols
  • Green glowing objects
  • Needles
  • Gas Masks
  • Rubber gloves
  • Mall Goth themes/clothing


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Slimepunk fashion often borrows from other aesthetics such as Mall goth and punk, but puts a slimier spin on the two. Neon green and black are often used in slimepunk fashion, as well as protective gear and rave gear.

Slimepunk Fashion Stores[]


One major aspect of the Slimepunk sound is deep and growling synth basslines, generally with dripping sound effects and/or Acid-House influences. Some of the music approaches Acid-Tech in terms of sound but is distinct in its more atmospheric approach and loyalty to the overall Slimepunk themes of toxic waste and noxious sewer gas. Other Slimepunk music has none of these features but still exists within the movement. Slimepunk is based on aesthetic, and it is that aesthetic that ties all the different sounds together. Slimepunk the musical genre may not exist necessarily, but the movement definitely exists and musical representations of the core Slimepunk aesthetic can definitely be found.

Slimepunk Artists[]

  • Bleep Bloop
  • Poison Ivory
  • LE1F
  • Sludge Junkies
  • Polymorphing
  • NastyNasty
  • Vandalaze
  • N3rgul
  • Tennis Rodman
  • sadguru