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Skeuomorflat is a design aesthetic that mixes skeuomorphic and realistic objects with flat backgrounds and elements, taking care of packaging of products made for pets (mostly dog and cat food). With the fast increase of Flat Design in the 2010s, it helped with the popularity and adaptation of the aesthetic. The aesthetic is popular between Brazilian pet shops, taking a part of the web, too.


Originally, products like dog food used skeuomorphic packaging as standard design only, and it was common with pet food companies as of Pedigree and Science Diet. However, it all changed with the popularization of the website by March 2013, with its design about realistic images but with flat elements with little gradients. And so, by the 2020s, the design style got more popularity with more websites and blogs about pet shops.


  • Real life animals and objects
  • Flat backgrounds and elements
  • Little gradients
  • Cartoon animals (mostly rare)