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Skater (also known as skatecore) is an aesthetic centred around skater culture created in the 1940s and that has evolved throughout the decades. This page documents all those current evolutions.


  • Skateboarding
  • Skitching off of vehicles
  • Going to skate in abandoned places - usually not aesthetically pleasing areas, rather just areas better suited for fun on a skateboard e.g. empty pools, parking lots, schools, etc.
  • Drinking and smoking
  • Going to live music shows
  • Hanging out at skate shops



Originally a genre of hardcore punk closely associated with skate culture, skate punk changed into a more melodic genre of punk rock in the 1990s.[1] Since the 1990s, skate punk has been a genre that features fast tempos, lead guitar-playing (including guitar riffs and guitar solos), fast drumming, and singing (sometimes including vocal harmonies). Featuring the fast tempos of hardcore punk and melodic hardcore, skate punk occasionally combines these with the catchy hooks of pop-punk. Skate videos have traditionally featured this fast style of punk rock. This played a big part in the coining of the term "skate punk". A skatepunk would be a person who wears cheap clothes and listens to South Californian punk. They are usually seen listening to bands such as JFA, Reagan Youth, NOFX, Pennywise, Bad Religion, and Rancid. Skatepunks are more Avant Garde than your average skater, and usually are dirtier.


  • Shorts
  • Flat bottomed shoes
  • Dad cap
  • Tall socks
  • Skate brand/ punk band T-shirts
  • Baggy trousers (chinos or cargos)
  • Jeans

Pop-Punk would be an evolution from the Skatepunk look, with blink-182 being a former skatepunk band before moving into a pop punk sound.

Skater Girl

A Skater Girl is a girl that skates for the enjoyment and fascination for it. Skater Girl fashion varies, but has important staples. Skaters in general may wear baggy pants or long sleeves under short sleeves to cover any padding that they are wearing (knee pads, elbow pads) and to protect exposed skin. However, they can also be seen wearing shorts and tank tops.[2]

  • Baggy/cargo pants
  • Loose jeans (straight-leg, mom etc.)
  • Flat-bottomed shoes
  • Baggy shirts
  • Layering long sleeves and over-sized shirts

Padding is optional, but is recommended for beginners. Some Skater Girls tend to wear dark colours such as brown, green, black, and other colours. Of course, a skater girl should feel free to wear what ever colours and outfits they want.

Soft Skater Girl

Soft skater girl takes skater and Softie elements and turns them into one aesthetic. It incorporates more feminine silhouettes and brighter colors rather than the traditional muted colors. More cutesy themes are often associated with this style, including visuals like bright stickers, Arizona tea cans, and cute-feminine characters. This can incorporate more natural looks, as well.


  • Skater and tennis skirts
  • Jean shorts
  • Loose jeans
  • Tank tops or t-shirts
  • Crop tops
  • Tall socks
  • Cute backpacks/bum bags
  • Converse
  • Protective gear
  • Cute stickers



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