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A single-subject aesthetic is an aesthetic that revolves entirely around a single visual, with little or no other visuals on the blog/moodboard. For example, while Cottagecore includes images of pies, animals, flowers, and cottages, Cloudcore is pictures of clouds and cloud depictions such as in illustration and embroidery.

Images are often tagged as (the subject)core because it provides an easy way for searching aesthetic pictures of the subject, rather than images that are more plain, memes, informational, etc. For example, searching just "cat" on tumblr brings mostly candid photos of cats or cat memes that don't have much aesthetic value. However, searching "catcore" brings images that have more interesting framing, lighting, details, etc. So, many people follow the tags to search for aesthetic images revolving around the subject in general.

The wiki does not allow single pages for single-subject aesthetics because the article quality tends to be extremely low and images can be disparate. For example, a cat in a field of flowers contently smiling is Cottagecore, whereas a black cat in a crumbling castle is Gothic. However, both are Catcore, technically. Therefore, the pages are low-quality. However, because many single-subject aesthetics have become extremely popular, it is necessary for the wiki to document them. If you would like to add a notable single-subject aesthetic, insert it here alphabetically. The section should only be inserted if searching up the name shows over five pinterest boards, tumblr posts, etc.


"Animalcore" is a very vague aesthetic inspired by animals. Animals span far and wide from the sea to the land and sky; from the size of a pebble to a cruise ship; and all with different shapes. Because of it, it is difficult to determine what could be made with this subject.

Animals are a part of nature. However, while plants and rocks symbolize passivity in the natural world (order, similarity, stability, everlastingness, evolution, peace), animals symbolize activity (chaos, difference, change, fickleness, metamorphosis, conflict).


Bugcore is an aesthetic inspired by animals that are classified as arthropods. This includes a wide range of animals from sea-dwellers like lobsters, isopods, shrimp, and crabs to land-dwellers like butterflies, spiders, bees, and roaches.

Bugcore crosses over with other nature-based aesthetics that tend to be more adventurous and enthusiastic about all of nature, rather than the palatable "cute" parts. See Adventurecore, Woodland goth, and Goblincore for some aesthetics that use bugcore images.







Candycore is a food-based aesthetic focused on candies and other confections, including desserts, sugar, chocolate, chewing gum, and sugar candies. The Candycore color scheme ranges from highly saturated to pastel. Candycore uses similar color palettes and visual motifs as Rainbowcore. The Candycore aesthetic fits into Decora, Kawaii, and Kidcore aesthetics because of sweets' connotations with children and excitement. These candies are often arranged in an over-the-top manner with different varieties at once.

Additionally, many costumes and make-up looks, as well as character and world designs, are inspired by candy. The board game Candyland and the "California Gurls" by Katy Perry music video are some examples of candy-theming.



Cloudcore visuals have a strong focus on skies with clouds of unique shapes and designs. Most popularly, Cloudcore visuals are often taken around sunrise or sunset for varied colors or the plain blue sky to highlight the clouds' shapes. Because of clouds' associations with softness and purity of color, the photos are often saved to Kawaii, Softie, Cleancore, and Angelcore blogs.

Artificially painted or digitally rendered clouds are also in the tag, specifically as a subset of liminal space and other unsettling aesthetics.

Gull Girl


Ulzzang, (얼짱) is a popular South Korean term literally meaning "best face", deriving from the Korean words face (얼굴) and best (짱). A person desiring ulzzang status would gain popularity on the internet through entering contests where their photos are judged and chosen by voters. In Korean culture, people with clear and pale skin, thin bodies, small heads, large eyes, soft features, and trendy haircuts are highly valued. The trend is unisex and is practiced by both males and females. The term replaced King Car and Queen Car in popularity, and has since been succeeded by Heeulsa.