Simswave (Also known as Sims Minimalism or Sims Aesthetic) is an aesthetic based on the PC life simulation videogame The Sims[1]. This aesthetic tries to capture the nostalgic feeling of Sims fans and players.


Simswave can include a single item, a collection of items, a group of sims, or just a sim in a simple background composed of a ground and a wall; sometimes only the ground is visible to give the illusion of emptiness, giving it a minimalistic look.

Other types of Simswave may try to simulate Vaporwave, creating artifacts on the image itself and using the same colors that characterize the Vaporwave aesthetic.


The aesthetic, as explain before, comes from the 2000s PC game The Sims; so it's no surprise that the music that usually comes with this type of aesthetic is the game's soundtrack. In some cases, there are remixes of these songs, giving it a more ethereal tone.

Examples of the videogame OST

Example of a remixed piece of the OST


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