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Simplecore is an aesthetic centered around simple art made in MS Paint that have been constructed to convey feelings of joy.

Visually it is based on those old MS Paint drawings you would find on the old internet around the 2009-2010 periods, with mediocre drawing, art, and fonts.


MS Paint, Comic Sans and limited colors are the most common elements in Simplecore. In most Simplecore images, there is a character made with simple shapes having a circle for a face. Most of the time there is an emoticon on this face =D, OWO and =3 are the most used emoticons on the face. A big part of simplecore are the colors white, black and sometimes red, to give it this old Flipnote Studio aesthetic.


The exact orgins of Simplecore are unknown, but people think it goes back to late 2016.

The genre gained popularity when multiple goober playlists featuring Simplecore art as well as the art on their own were found on YouTube recommended feeds and Twitter.




  • Undertale OST
  • Spongebob OST
  • Super Mario OST


Media Artists[]

  • cuptoast