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Sigilkore is a rap music subgenre created in summer 2020 on SoundCloud. Visually, it implements a maximalistic use of sigils (occult symbols) and other references to occult worshipping, video game and anime references, and elements from both recent and 2000s subcultures.

Musically, it draws inspiration from the genre of Cloud rap, HexD, Tread and Hyperpop. It blends Trap drums with a more ambiental approach, faster tempos and experimental mixing and mastering techniques such as, but not limited to; bass boosted 808s, wide, reverb-soaked synths, and a bitcrush effect directly inspired from Hexd music. It features stuttering beat and vocal cuts, as well as creatively manipulated sections that seamlessly alternate between slowed down and sped up moments.

Lyrically, it utilizes common-place trap music themes, but with an edgy flair. It embraces dark imagery, making references to vampires, blood, casting spells and even invoking the names of demons.

Sigilkore originates from the music collective jewelxxet (axxturel/luci4/4jay and islurwhenitalk created the genre)


Most of the sigilkore aesthetic can be found in its song or album covers. These covers tend to have an image of an anime or video game character on it. In numerous occasions, these are casting spells. These covers also tend to be maximalistic by implementing many decorations, which can be jewels, crosses, stars, flowers and lots of symbols, primarily sigils, often akin to Old Web imagery. Some covers include skulls, cemeteries, haunted houses, tombstones, mythical creatures (usually witches, demons and vampires), bloodstains and fire, elements typically associated with hell.


Sigilkore fashion is inspired by recent subcultures such as Drain, e-boys and trap rappers, but also subcultures from the 2000s such as hip-hop, emo, scene and mall goth. The use of printed black shirts, necklaces and chains is common.


  • Luci4/Axxturel/4Jay
  • siouxxie sixxsta/slaywitme
  • Sellasouls
  • islurwhenitalk
  • MajinBlxxdy
  • Shadow Wizard Money Gang
  • Painb5y // Evil5pirit
  • Wolfg4ng4
  • 2shanez
  • Axxad
  • ihyreu
  • iluvern!
  • syrgn
  • st47ic
  • ST4T1C
  • Xhris2Easy
  • kaystrueno
  • Universe
  • twin
  • m3wk4
  • Xxtarlit (sometimes)
  • 9lives (sometimes)
  • jnhygs (sometimes, mostly Krushclub.)