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Shanzhai (山寨) is an aesthetic that involves contemporary use that usually encompasses counterfeit, imitation, or parody products and events and the subculture surrounding them.


Most Shanzhai visuals come out of, no surprise, mainland China, which has had very loose enforcement of copyright laws, especially in the 2000s-2010s. Oftentimes they will take on the appearance of popular Western brands with some minor changes to not only convince locals that it's just as good as the Western brands, but also potentially give Western tourists something familiar to give them a little taste of home.


Shanzhai fashion consists of bootleg versions of popular luxury fashion brands (Nike, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Cartier). If one wants to go for that Boujee or Hypebeast look, but don't exactly have the budget for the name brand stuff, the Shanzhai aesthetic might be a nice alternative, especially as the Shanzhai variants become more and more indistinguishable from the genuine article.


  • Miracle Star (2014)
  • Lucky Pie (2015)