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Shabby Chic is an aesthetic, typically in interior design, that centers around distressed and worn-out appearing furniture from the Victorian era. The look focuses on a rustic and feminine appearance, with white and pastel colors, delicate motifs such as lace and filigree, and floral linen bedding. There is also a range of the levels of "shabbiness" and maximalism that a person can choose to express, with some decorators only using the color palette and nods to the look, while others choose to have a more cluttered and kitschy home. People who appreciate the aesthetic tend to only express it through home decor and are typically adult women who follow more traditional values of Christian society.

The aesthetic was created around the 1960s, and gained popularity in the 1980s through home decor magazines. Today, there are multiple companies that capitalize on this aesthetic, such as Rachel Ashwell, nonspecific furniture manufacturers, and independent shops on Etsy. Despite the availability of such furniture, many bloggers and magazines emphasize the importance of thrifting and DIY-ing furniture to adapt it to the readers' tastes.

Other than home decor, fans of the look typically have hobbies adjacent to the vintage and feminine aesthetic, such as gardening, baking, sewing, and reading. Despite the resemblance to Cottagecore and Grandmacore, a typical fan of Shabby Chic would be unaware of these related aesthetics as they follow Western print magazines and blogs within the community instead of being on Gen-Z and Millennial-driven social media.


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