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Sega Uranus is a distinct consumer electronics aesthetic from Sega that was popular from 1988 to roughly 2001. Sega's design aesthetic was characterized by a sleek and futuristic look, with a dual circular motif that was meant to convey a sense of precision and sophistication. The console's minimalist color scheme and compact size further emphasized its modern design, while the controller's button layout helped set it apart from its competitors at the time. The term was coined by designer Steves Peeps in 2022.

The way the controller and system felt on Sega systems frequently gave the user the impression that they were luxurious. Its arcade cabinets and consoles were typically built with excellent craftsmanship. Sega's shop kiosks typically featured the same futuristic, oddball design when their new video game systems were introduced.


Popular visual cues include:

  • A monochromatic finish on a system
  • Prominent vents
  • Distinct curves
  • Audio equipment and racing inspired designs
  • Ovals
  • Sleek and futuristic profiles
  • CD trays


  • Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
  • Sega CD
  • Sega Game Gear
  • Sega Graphic Board
  • Sega Mega Jet
  • Sega Nomad
  • Sega Saturn
  • Sega Dreamcast
  • Sega 32X
  • Astro City