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  • Fight Club (1999)
  • Kill Bill (2003-2004)
  • Logan (2017)

TV Shows

  • The Boys


Lmfao you think scrappers read!? Just kidding...

  • Championship Fighting - Jack Dempsey


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High Scrapper (Pro Fighter)

This variant of the scrapper is geared more to the aesthetic of professional fighting with some minor boujee aspects. Fighting for glory.

  • Professional Boxing
  • More Saturated
  • Glory oriented
  • Pro boxing rings
  • Fighting professionally

Low Scrapper (Streetfighter)

This variant of the scrapper takes the core aspects of the aesthetic and takes it to a further extreme. Fighting for survival.

  • Street fights
  • More blood
  • Darker tones
  • Survival oriented
  • Concrete and alleyways
  • Fighting dirty

Martial Scrapper (Martial Artist)

This variant of the scrapper is more focused on discipline and retro martial arts culture the key difference between this and the High Scrapper is the focus on traditional martial arts. Fighting for honor.

  • Traditional martial arts
  • Kung Fu movies
  • Includes martial weapons
  • Dojos
  • Fighting honorably