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Scrapbook is an aesthetic that revolves around scrapbooks, scrapbooking, and scrapbook art, Scrapbook themes are colourful and childlike.

Notable Sub-Aesthetics

If you have the names for these sub-aesthetics, feel free to change them.

Scrapbook x Kidcore: This is arguably the most popular type of Scrapbook. This aesthetic features bright soft, vibrant colours, child-like drawings, stickers, clippings and photos; however the art may feature photos and newspaper clippings of mature adults. Small 2D crafts (e.g plasticine pressed flat to make a picture) are seen as well.

Scrapbook x Tweencore/High School Dream: This type of Scrapbook is very common, especially amongst freshman, and senior high schoolers, as well as tweens. These scrapbooks usually contain photos of the person with their friends or enjoying themselves. The art usually has a Vintage and VSCO themes as well as childish themes, but colours and themes can vary.

Scrapbook x Lovecore: This aesthetic is also a very popular type of Scrapbook. This aesthetic has lovecore motifs and values, but fewer pinks and more warm colours. The scrapbooks usually feature teen girls, love quotes, vintage magazine clippings and heart doodles.