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Schizowave is a derivative aesthetic of Fashwave that is associated with beliefs into higher races and deities.

Schizowave is amalgamation of various conspiracy "theories" ranging from Nordic aliens to hollow earth civilizations. Glorification of philosophers such as Jonathan Bowden.

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Schizowave visuals are very similar to Fashwave. Videos with this thematic are usually pretty fast, showing different imagery of everything theme-related such as: Hyperborea (and other ancient super-advanced civilizations), gang-stalking, Terry Davis Temple OS, SHROOMS, UFOs, secret doorways into the Earth (hollow earth theory) on Antarctica maps, Agartha and hollow earth on old maps, Slavic and Nordic pagan warriors, famous personas from medieval/ancient times, man masculinity, Biblically accurate angels and sometimes even crossover with Trollface and Doomerwave. So far, the only community that talks about this subgenre is Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe


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