Scene is a movement and aesthetic that was popular from the mid-2000s to the early 2010s. Members of the original Scene culture were nicknamed Scene kids, Scenesters, or Trendies. Scene is often confused with or used interchangeably with Emo, a subculture that formed from the music genre "emotional hardcore". Music connected to Scene includes crunkcore, deathcore, electronic music, pop punk, and post-hardcore, most notably.


A lot of Scene visuals proved to be the foundation for a lot of Webcore aesthetics, as well as a lot of early Animecore and Cartooncore. Several modern-day aesthetics could be seen as stemming from the Scene culture of the mid-to-late 2000s.

A lot of McBling aesthetics of the time were sometimes co-opted ironically by the Scene kids in an attempt to anger and offend a lot of the status quo at the time, while also maintaining the loud, obnoxious energy often associated with Punk (some would even argue that the Scene kids were carrying the Punk trend into the internet age). Due to the fact Scene kids grew up with the internet, they were also among some of the earliest to see the potential of using the internet and social media as a means to become rich and famous either as musicians (such as in the case of Millionaires or Kesha) or as beauty and make-up gurus (such as in the case of Jeffree Starr).


Scene kids were among the first of the internet generation to realize experiment with gender norms and destroying gender roles as a whole; with straight men aiming to look at "gay" as possible (or at least what was considered gay at the time) while gay men strove to look as androgynous as possible, to blur the line of what it meant to be a man or a woman (similar to the Club Kids of the late '80s and early '90s). Popular items among scene kids included:

  • Bright, patterned clothing
  • Converse shoes, giant lace-up shoes, or knee-high boots with many latches
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Fishnets
  • Flat ironed, side-swept hair
  • Franchises and characters that were popular when scene was at its peak (for example, Gloomy Bear and Invader Zim)
  • Raccoon-eye eyeliner
  • Striped raccoon tails
  • Tripp pants
  • Kandi bracelets and necklaces


Popular bands within Scene include:

And other acts that were incredibly popular in the MySpace era of social media. The music was often a blend of minimalist electronic beats (which were often associated with the crunk subgenre of rap that was popular at the time), growling, misused gangsta slang, and whiny vocals. Nightcore is also sometimes associated with scene culture.

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