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Sanriocore is an aesthetic centered around Sanrio Co., Ltd.(株式会社サンリオ) a Japanese company created by Shintaro Tsuji that sells cute (or Kawaii) Japanese merchandise. Sanrio's most popular icon, Hello Kitty, has become one of the world's best-selling brands. Sanriocore focuses on the more popular Sanrio characters such as:

  • Hello Kitty
  • Pompompurin
  • My Melody
  • Kuromi
  • Little Twin Stars
  • Cinnamoroll
  • Wish Me Mell
  • Pochacco
  • Tuxedosam
  • My Sweet Piano
  • Gudetama
  • Keroppi
  • Sugarbunnies
  • Chococat


Sanriocore crosses over into multiple aesthetics such as Traumacore (the aesthetic can be used as a form of vent art in this case) but is closely related to Yume Kawaii, Babygirl, Bimbocore, and Softie, as well as E-girl(especially with the character Kuromi). It focuses on a gentle, childlike innocence and nature, accompanied by the cute Sanrio merch and characters.

  • Sanrio stickers
  • Pastel filters
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Sparkles
  • Rounded fonts
  • Speech bubbles
  • Pixel art
  • Desserts
  • Candy
  • Plushies


Sanriocore fashion pulls some elements from Pastel Goth, Baddie, Softie, and Girly Kei, and fashion can also depend on the character, with My Melody and especially Kuromi having their own subtypes. Some fashion in this aesthetic can include:

  • Animal ear hairbands
  • Bow clips
  • Face stickers
  • Heavy blush
  • Band-Aids/bandages
  • Sanrio print tops
  • Character-themed lolita outfits
  • Pastel sailor uniforms
  • Garters
  • Lace ankle socks
  • Loose socks
  • Platform shoes (Mary Janes, Creepers)
  • Plush slippers
  • Small backpacks
  • Character goods (plushies, badges, etc.)

Neutral looks with heavy blush can be seen, as well as pink, glittery eyeshadow with fake lashes. Pink lips or lip gloss with/without glitter seem popular as well. Nails tend to have heavy Sanrio deco.



  • Bubblegum Cyber (Sensuous Remix) - Bitch Brigade
  • Hello Kitty - Avril Lavigne


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