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Warning: This page is not for promotion. Don't do drugs, kids. If you have depression, please contact a mental health professional. TW for images containing blood, drugs, and alcohol.

Sadpeople is an aesthetic on Tumblr best known for its black & white edits of shows and anime between the 80s and 90s, cigarettes and trippy imagery, blood, sex, Vaporwave, and always carry a thick coat of depression and illness. Within the Sadpeople group, there are Sadbois and Sadgirls. Sadpeople often feel lost either mentally or physically. It has some relation to Traumacore, but Traumacore deals with far deeper issues. The Sadpeople aesthetic involves mental space, loneliness, and abandonment.


Unlike Traumacore, the Sadpeople aesthetic tends to focus more on feelings of isolation, loneliness, and anxiety that don't necessarily come from CSA or some form of PTSD and distinctly lacks the child-like nature Traumacore tends to have. However, it can be a popular partner with a Liminal Space aesthetic to show off that loneliness the Sadpeople aesthetic is associated with as well as a sense of dread.



Sadbois don't usually come with a specific style of clothes but they usually dress anywhere from Normcore to Grunge.


Sadgirls don't usually come with a specific style of clothes but they usually dress anywhere from Grunge. There is also an element of the E-Girl aesthetic that can apply to Sadgirls, but the mentality that Sadgirls have makes the fashions hit different compared to their E-Girl counterparts.


Sadcore is a subgenre of music that is an example of alternative rock characterized by bleak lyrics, downbeat melodies and slower tempos, or alternatively, songs with deceivingly upbeat melodies that are simultaneously characterized by depressive lyrical undertones or imagery. Also, the music is sometimes played over degraded Bart Simpson edits.

Sadpeople Artists

  • Crywank
  • Salvia Plath
  • Halsey
  • Joji
  • Billie Eilish
  • XXXtentacion
  • Juice WRLD
  • Aakon Keetreh
  • $uicideboy$

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