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Sad Beige, also known most populously as Sad Beige Mom, is a visual aesthetic coined in 2022 by TikTok satirist Hayley DeRoche that revolves around the usage of little to any color in oneself's household, clothes and overall style.

As it is most known as Sad Beige Mom, the aesthetic is also majorly known for members DIY-ing and/or purchasing children's toys, clothing and decorations to beige and/or mute colors. One of the more popular examples of this is Nattie Jo Powell's TikTok and Instagram video of her spraypainting her daughter's play Christmas tree to mute colors, such as making the tree a dark xanadu color and the ornaments beige and tan.[1]

The aesthetic was popularized from Kim Kardashian's household; displaying little to any color and mainly showing white as the only visible color in the house. Many commentary YouTubers such as FunkyFrogBait state this could be because of the more "classy & clean" look to the household compared to colorful children's toys, making the homeowner's house look more expensive.[2]


  • Muted earth tones
  • Clouds
  • Fairy lights
  • Crochet & rattan
  • Stars (more frequently, 6-triangle stars)
  • Dull-colored plants


  • Sweaters
  • Button-up clothing
  • Crochet clothing
  • Flannel clothing
  • Floral prints
  • Beanies
  • Sweatpants/shirts
  • Plaid clothing
  • Sunhats


  • Natural colors (brown, blonde, etc.)
  • Slight curls
  • Down or braided


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  • Claire deBella (Glass Onion)


  • Kim Kardashian


Child development concerns[]

At the rise of sad beige, netizens have been concerned for the development of the children of those who identify as sad beige moms. Newborns' vision takes time to fully develop, having difficulties identifying colors during their earliest years.[3] According to neuropsychologist Sanam Hafeez, MD, newborns are only able to see shades of black, gray and white at birth, making high-constrast colors important for better understanding their visual surroundings.[3] Although more bright & vibrant colors are suggested for language, visual, cognitive and emotional development, infants can have a moderate amount of black & white colors mixed with vibrants in their first learning environment.[3]



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