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SK8 or Affliction Style is an aesthetic formed in the late 2010's and established in the early 2020's. This aesthetic is primarily associated with the style that accompanies it although it does exist in some others forms such as a style of editing photography. The style mostly pulls influence from a mostly forgotten style that emerged in the post-Y2K era. This revival has now cultivated an aesthetic community around said style and started gaining traction in the early 2020s. The style is commonly mistaken for Grunge and Emo despite not sharing any associations with their respective styles of music or associated fashion styles. The names "SK8", "Affliction" and even "Y2K Grunge" are really just buzzwords and should be treated as placeholder names to simply establish this aesthetic until a more fitting name comes around. The fashion is usually viewed as fusion of Skater, Hip-Hop and MMA culture from the 2000s.


SK8 has its roots tied to a fashion that was established in the mid-late 2000s. The earliest forms of this style come fourth in the style of Ed Hardy which experienced increased popularity around 2005-2007. The shirts that Ed Hardy were producing during this period were similar to what Affliction would explode with in 2007. This year would also be massive as another MMA brand, Tap Out, would skyrocket in popularity, bringing further associations with this style and MMA.

The shirts from various brands featured a somewhat Gothic-macabre imagery in the form of crosses, roses, angel wings, skulls, skeletons and guns. The jeans from this era also ranged from straight fit to baggy which contrasted with society's increasing tolerance of skinny jeans. This all culminated in a very much forgotten era of fashion as the people associated with this style were described as being douchebags and hypermasculine.

People would much have rather forgotten this period as society transitioned out of a Post-Grunge era. This is also where, if there is any, ties to Grunge come into the picture. Many MMA fans would listen to Post-Grunge acts like Trapt and Creed which has perhaps led to this connotation of this style and Grunge. This original form of the style started to die out in the early 2010s as Ed Hardy and Affliction increasingly fell out of favor. People began to grow tired of people associated with this fashion and it quickly grew stale. This style may also be viewed as an evolution of the earlier Post-Grunge period which coincided with Nu-Metal and occurred roughly from the late 90's to the mid-2000's.


  • Creed
  • Trapt
  • Nickelback
  • 3 Doors Down
  • Puddle of Mudd
  • Audioslave
  • Theory of a Deadman
  • Skillet
  • Sick Puppies


The style was long forgotten by the late 2010s until the underground rap duo, Sematary and Ghost Mountain revived the style in 2019. This polarized many as the style was long out of fashion and many had bad connotations of those who dressed in this style. Sematary's aesthetic itself took major influence from Yung Lean and Drain Gang and can be seen as a further continuation of the aesthetic they pioneered in the 2010's. As Sematary and Haunted Mound's popularity increased throughout 2020 and 2021, many started to emulate the style the pair pioneered. The Y2K revival was underway at this time as well which helped the transition from previous aesthetics more seamless. The style took off on TikTok in 2022 and achieved more prevalence than ever with many from Generation Z participating in the style. Substyles also started taking off during this time, some appearing as a fusion of others.


Ken Carson

Rapper Ken Carson in 2022

In 2022 rapper Ken Carson seemingly influenced by the emerging style, incorporated the dark palette of the Opium aesthetic into the SK8 style creating a hybrid of the two. This substyle gained more prominence towards the end of 2022 and early 2023 when labelmate Destroy Lonely's song "If Looks Could Kill" leaked and spread like wildfire on TikTok.

It spawned memes, ironic pictures of wolves and people showing off their outfits. This style may also include all-over print shirts and mesh materials although not enough is known about this style as it usally only seen on TikTok and is still new.

Jesse Pinkman[]

The other substyle commonly seen on TikTok is what is sometimes referred to as the Jesse Pinkman style because of its heavy similarities to the fashion sense of the eponymous character (Jesse Pinkman), from the show Breaking Bad. This style is more ironic and sometimes bridges the gap between SK8 and the emerging Losercore aesthetic. This style is typified by oversized hoodies and basic graphic shirts from the 2000s, worn in an ironic way.