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Rusticcore is an aesthetic based about rustic themes, or farms, and is generally a romanticized version of rural living.


Common themes in the aesthetic include: old/rusty items, horses, plants, fairy lights, and dark stained wood. Unlike Cottagecore (which has, for the most part, a "cleaner" look), Rusticcore openly embraces the grit, dirt, and grime that often is associated with farm life and rural living and giving it a sort of Grunge vibe.


Colors and clothing in the aesthetic include: very plain, fall colors, warm colors along with plaid and denim. A lot of Rusticcore fashion shares some overlap with Grunge, since a lot of original Grunge fashion was clothing that farmers and people like that wore because the clothing was intended to be long-lasting to be able to handle the wear and tear of the rigors of working on the farm.


A lot of Rusticcore music involves folksy, acoustic music and has generally a loose, improvisational feel to it, like a bunch of friends gathered together on the front porch with whatever they could find and just have a jam session.