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Chinese Cottagecore (森林风) is an aesthetic that revolves around Chinese traditional rural lifestyle. It focuses on more simplistic ways of life and it’s heavily work-based. Work-based means includes a lot of tasks or jobs.


  • Gardening/Farming
  • Raising Animals/Animal Husbandry
  • Foraging
  • Hosting
  • Cooking Traditional Foods
    • Food in Chinese Cottagecore is immensely based with rice. Rice porridge, rice dumplings etc. Noodles, dumplings, rice etc.
  • Fermenting/Preserving Food, Sauces and Beverages
  • Practicing Instruments
  • Sewing
  • Su Xiu, Guang Xiu, Shu Xiu and Xiang Xiu (Styles of Embroidery)
  • Cobbling
  • Wood Working
  • Guó-Huà (Style of Painting)
  • Calligraphy
  • Woodblock Printing
  • Jiǎnzhǐ (Paper Cutting)


Fashion in Chinese Cottagecore is usually traditional. For example, the Hanfu or Qipao.


  • Hanfu
  • Qipao
  • Tang Suit
  • Zhongshan Suit


Popular Chinese cottagecore youtubers Liziqi and Dianxi Xiaoge have come under fire from many in the west; being seen as propaganda for the CCP (China Communist Party). Youtube being banned in China makes their ability to be able to post and promote their content on the platform questionable, as they'd need some sort of permission from the government. Even though the state's propaganda isn't dominating the videos it's presence is still noticeable.

"In 2019, the state-backed People’s Daily newspaper gave Li its People’s Choice award for her video featuring calligraphy and the Malaysian royals. In August, she was nominated as a member of the CCP-backed All-China Youth Federation, which counts previous presidents and premiers among its alumni.....

In recent years, China’s international reputation has taken a battering over Beijing’s repressive policies in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet. State media outlets have used colorful short films showing happy Uyghurs and Tibetans in traditional dress to paint those places in a positive light. State representations of Xinjiang and Tibet often appear to mimic the look and feel of Li and Dianxi’s videos, complete with smiling people cooking traditional food and working the land.

Dianxi has recently expanded the scope of her work to include travel dispatches. In July, she went to a Tibetan autonomous prefecture in Yunnan and filmed life in a small mountain community, its people, architecture, and food. The footage is filled with heartwarming scenes of Dianxi living among the villagers, learning how to make traditional pots and drinking yak butter tea. Any thoughts of China’s decades of repressive policies towards Tibetans are gently spirited away."
- Isobel Cockrell for .coda, April 2021[1]





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