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Reason for Warning: This article may contain sensitive material related to gore, death and insects.

Rotcore, also known as Decaycore or Dirtcore surrounds things that related to rot, filth and decay, being in a derelict state such as being completely rotting or broken down, covered in mold and dirt or abandoned and left to rot such as rundown buildings, dirty homes and rotten/moldy fruit and plants. Content from this aesthetic usually invoke feelings of cathartic sadness or hopelessness and an odd sense of nostalgia.

This aesthetic has a lot in common with Morute and other similar aesthetics as it will commonly use cute things that are dirty or otherwise in a dilapidated state.


Rotcore aesthetic visuals include:

  • Homes and other buildings in a derelict state
  • Old/broken toys and other things
  • Rusted things
  • Moldy fruit
  • Wilting/sead flowers and other plants
  • Corpses, bones, gore & dead things in general
  • Junk & trash
  • Dirty things
  • Cockroaches, rats and other pests associated with filth
  • Mold, dirt, dust and decay in general


Fashion for the Rotcore aesthetic generally aligns with its visuals. Dirty-looking, ripped or distressed clothing is common. Clothes that are a bit too big or too small that have a "second-hand" look can also work. Dark, earthy colors are popular. Sometimes, warm colors such as pink and red are used as well to add a contrast of dark against light.

  • Fishnets
  • Distressed jeans
  • Large, chunky shoes
  • Cargo pants
  • T-shirts that have been cropped or had the sleeves cut off
  • Oversized shirts


  • Nicole Dollanganger
  • Flyleaf


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