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Romantic Goth is a Goth style influenced by the fashion of the Romantic Era (1800-1850) as well as Gothic literature and modern goth styles.

Romantic Goth embraces a dark LARP-influenced fashion, and is distinctly different from the other softer types of Goth culture (particularly Woodland Goth). It was and is mostly defined by the fashion and the musical genre, which often hybridizes with smaller sub-styles like Vampire, Fairy Goth, and Victorian Goth. It’s also closely related to Gothic literature and art’s influence on Goth music and imagery.

Romantic Goth is seen as a relatively lighter, happier form of Goth, with an emphasis on romance and expressing themselves through art, in contrast to more vampire and Victorian leaning variants of the style.


Romantic Goth was born out of the 90s neoclassical darkwave and dark ambient scenes, particularly the medieval/victorian dress and Celtic vocals displayed by bands like Requiem in White and Miranda Sex Garden.

During 90s Romantic Goth style sometimes became mainstream fashion.[1] Unlike Mallgoth style, this style was worn by adult women outside of subcultures.

Despite it wasn't mainstream anymore, in 00s Romantic Goth peaked in popularity[2] to the point many people started to think this is a Trad Goth style.[3]


According to the Goth Types Wiki, here are some visual aspects to Romantic Goth:

  • Darker aesthetics
    • Red wine
    • Graveyards (especially moonlit ones)
    • Ravens
    • Bones
    • Dead roses
    • Gothic jewelry/architecture
  • Lacey/flowing things
  • Nighttime
  • Gardens


Fashion under Romantic Goth may include:

  • Lacey dresses
  • Corsets
  • Tailcoats
  • Flowing materials
  • Suits
  • Any formal attire
  • Lace chokers
  • Black jewelry or any jewelry with dark colored stones
  • Soft makeup
    • Smokey eyes
    • Pale foundation
    • "Cat's eye" eyeliner
    • Dark lips
    • Swirling eye patterns

Popular hairstyles under this aesthetic can contain:

  • Long hair
  • Straightened hair or soft waves
  • Elegant/dramatic styles
  • 1890 curls



  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë


  • Anne Rice
  • Charlotte Brontë
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Emily Brontë
  • William Shakespeare


Romantic Goths usually tend to listen to neoclassical darkwave, dark cabaret, or operatic influenced ethereal wave with a brooding or passionate mood. Since it came out of the 90s scene, they may prefer music from this decade. Some Romantic Goth bands include:

  • This Mortal Coil
  • And Also the Trees
  • Dead Can Dance
  • Nico
  • Black Tape For A Blue Girl
  • Miranda Sex Garden
  • This Ascension
  • Human Drama
  • Faith and the Muse
  • Ashram
  • Lisa Gerrard
  • Hexperos
  • Mors Syphilitica
  • Requiem in White
  • Maedevial Babes


Some Romantic Goth activities can include:

  • Deep thinking/daydreaming
  • Falling in love
  • Crying (often over lost lovers)
  • Watching romance/mystery films
  • Reading dramatic literature/sad romance stories
  • Listening to music at home/with friends
  • Staying away from crazy clubs/concerts
  • Making vent art


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